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Desperate To Be Famous (Tramp Stamp Studios) Login Guide

Check the suggestions below. If that doesn't help, you can contact customer support here

Here are some ideas to help you to log into the site:

  • Check the email you were sent when you signed up
  • Use copy and paste, because:
    • You must enter the login exactly as it appears in your signup email.
    • The username and password is case sensitive. For example: EWQ is not the same as ewq
  • Check that you actually did join Desperate To Be Famous (Tramp Stamp Studios). It sounds crazy but 1 in 3 people, who can't get in, actually joined another site.
  • If you have an old browser and did not see a username / password dialog prompt, check our no password box guide.
  • Epoch help
  • Secure Pay help
  • Web Transaction Services (WTS) help
  • Charge Me Later ( access by phone) help
  • CCBill help